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Introducing Migun Therapy

The last couple months at HOPE Chiropractic have been very busy with the introduction of an new adjusting instrument, the Impulse (More to come on that later.), and the addition of a new therapy for us to offer those who are needing more soft tissue/massage type work.

This new therapy is a Migun Table. What is a Migun Table? I can already hear you asking. It is a thermomechanical massage device. I was introduced to Migun by a patient who was utilizing one of these tables on her own and I must admit I was quite skeptical. I initially thought, "This is probably going to be some glorified Homedics massager laid on its back for you to lay on." But, I figured I might as well give it a try, based on the satisfaction of my patient.

On trying it, I was pleasantly surprised. The basic program was about 35 minutes and instead of just going up and down my back the massage heads actually lifted up to push into specific areas of my spine, especially my lower back and pelvis, which is the area I personally need the most therapy. During this basic program, the massage heads worked my full spine, my thoracic and lumbar spine, and did some segmental/spot massage. It also stopped at specific locations to provide acupressure and as an added bonus it also massages the back of your legs in a coordinated fashion to create a little traction in the lower back, a very good thing for lower back problems.

I personally really like deep tissue massage so I appreciated the aggressiveness of the massage and the ability to reduce this aggressiveness with some simple padding so that we can modify the massage for each individuals needs.

The table also provides far infrared heat during the treatment, which is a nice feature because the far infrared heat penetrates the tissues the table is working on to increase blood flow and help with remodeling of the tissues being worked and far infrared helps with pain relief.

My first Migun session resulted in a 3 hour delay of my daily leg and hip pain, and after 8 days of treatment in 2 weeks my leg pain had shifted up a dermatome - a really positive sign. This result and the results that Suzie experienced convinced me to add this therapy to the office.

In summary, I am very excited to have an additional treatment option at HOPE Chiropractic, and while the Migun is not a replacement for massage therapy, it is a good option for those who would benefit from more massage-like work but are unable to for various reasons, and it can help you get the most bang for your buck at the massage therapist by keeping your spinal musculature well maintained so your massage therapist can focus on the areas the Migun table cannot treat, helping you feel your best.

Sessions on the Migun are $15 for the 35 minute session and we have a monthly unlimited option so that the table doesn't become a financial burden for those who would benefit from more frequent use. So give us a call, 515-868-0202. to schedule a session and see how much it can help you.

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