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New Patient?

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Your First Visit

As a new patient at HOPE Chiropractic, your first visit will entail a thorough history and examination, taking about 90 minutes.


During the examination, we will first check to see if you have a short leg which is an excellent indicator of imbalance in your body and is most often caused by a misalignment of the top bone in your neck.  We will then check about 60 muscles on both sides of your body to evaluate their function and the overall function of your entire body. This thorough examination process is called Applied Kinesiology and allows us to not only look at the problem you came in for but also find hidden problems that have not reached the level of causing you pain.  The causes of muscles not working could include bones out of place, reflex or acupuncture points that need treating, malnutrition, etc.  Last, we will feel the top two nerves in your neck, checking for tension, swelling, and pain.  Pain at the top of the neck is the final check for a misalignment of the top bone of your neck.  If we find that you are misaligned up top we take a series of x-rays to get a 3D measurement of your misalignment and calculate the angle needed to make a correction, using a technique called Atlas Orthogonal.


Once we have determined if you are misaligned at the top of your neck and found the muscles that are not working the way they are supposed to, we are able to create a "To-Do List" of sorts begin the search for why those muscles are not working.  Then we are able to create a plan to work on your problems and the areas that you didn't even know were troublesome.


Treatment Techniques


Follow-up Visits

After the first visit, you can expect 4-5 weekly visits, lasting 20-30 minutes as we work through your "To-Do List".  We do not require you to come in 3 times a week for some predetermined time interval because Dr. Zac has found, for most conditions, this does not speed your recovery. During your follow-up visits we will utilize several treatment techniques, none of which involve twisting or cracking of your neck or spine.  You can find more information about the treatment techniques we use by clicking the buttons on the right side of this page.


During your treatments, you are encouraged to ask questions and Dr. Zac will be more than happy to answer them.

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