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Migun Helps Disc Pain

During my research on the Migun Table and its therapeutic potential, I came across this very interesting case study out of a hospital in Turkey that outlined a 42-year-old man who came to the hospital with low back pain and left leg pain, an indication of a disc problem.

In this case study, they assessed this man and found the clinical indications that he had a disc issue and performed an MRI to confirm it. What they found was the L4/L5 disc had herniated and a piece had essentially squirted out and was putting pressure on the lower spinal nerves, causing his low back and left leg pain. You can see the herniation in the picture below.

Disc Herniation

He was given the option of surgery followed my physical and medical therapy, but he voluntarily chose to have thermomechanical massage (the $12 word for Migun Therapy). After nine months of Migun Therapy at 3-4 times a week, his complaints were resolved (ie. pain was gone) and a second MRI showed the disc herniation and the part that had squirted out had totally regressed, in other words the disc had healed itself. The picture from the second MRI showing the improvement is below.

Disc Healed

While this is a single case study, it does highlight the effectiveness of alternative therapies for disc pain, and breaks new ground with the first evidence for extruded disc herniation resolving with non-surgical interventions. A very exciting prospect for those who don't want to pursue surgery for back pain.

For more information about the Migun Table stay tuned to our blog or ask at your next chiropractic appointment. Sessions on the Migun are $15 for the 35 minute session and we have a monthly unlimited option so that the table doesn't become a financial burden for those who would benefit from more frequent use, like the man in this case study.

So give us a call, 515-868-0202. to schedule a Migun Therapy session and see how much it can help you.


Kaya E, Ozyurek S, Kaplan C, Gokcen B, Kose O. Regression of an extruded lumbar disc herniation after thermomechanical massage bed therapy. OA Orthopaedics 2013 Aug 01;1(2):15.

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