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Migun: Inspired Therapy

Last week I introduced you to the newest therapy at HOPE Chiropractic to help us address those of you who are needing a cost effective option for treating soft tissue/massage type work, the Migun Table. To summarize the last post, a Migun table is a far infrared, thermomechanical massage device that is FDA cleared to treat musculoskeletal pain.The Migun tables was designed in Korea, pulling on several modalities for inspiration in it's development.

First, the table pulls on acupuncture and accupressure principles and research, working on the Governing and Bladder Meridians through the design and placement of the heated massage heads. These two meridians that have been well studied for their effectiveness in treating and reducing pain.

Second, inspiration comes from my own profession, Chiropractic. The heads of the Migun are made in a way that puts pressure on the transverse processes of the vertebra pushing your spine into extension, a very important motion given nearly all of us are in a flexed posture all day long, stretching the tissues that support your spine so that you may have better, longer lasting adjustments. In fact, over the last two months, I have noticed those who have been using the Migun on a regular basis have had less stuff for me to work on during their regular chiropractic visits. Which frees up more time for me to check more stuff and continue progress in their respective cases.

Next, heat therapy is incorporated into Migun therapy for a variety of reasons. Heat is well known for it's ability to relieve pain, increase circulation, and promote relaxation. It may also help with lymphatic drainage through an increase in tissue fluid turnover from increased circulation.

Last, massage was integrated into the Migun therapy because of it's robust research base for effectiveness in a wide variety of conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to pain syndromes to menstrual pain to headaches/Migraines. Massage has been shown to relieve stress, improve immune response, improve circulation, facilitate lymphatic flow, and a number of psychological benefits.

All of these factors come together to result in a 75-95% effectiveness rate for Migun therapy in clinical pilot studies in four Chinese hospitals for a wide variety of conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to gastrointestinal.

Stay tuned for more info on this exciting addition to our office. Sessions on the Migun are $15 for the 35 minute session and we have a monthly unlimited option so that the table doesn't become a financial burden for those who would benefit from more frequent use. So give us a call, 515-868-0202. to schedule a session and see how much it can help you.


 So CS, Giolli RA, Jauregui M, Schuster TL, Yang H, Blanks RIH. Thermomechanical massage devices used in China and South Korea: a preliminary report of health outcomes and side effects. J Vertebral Subluxation Res. 2003 Sep;3:1–9.

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