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Are you a driving posture pro?

Driving Posture Tips

We all know that maintaining good posture throughout our day is important, but one area I see posture neglected on a daily basis is when people are driving.

Too often I see people with their back rest too far back or driving in a stressed position, leaning too far forward. These potions are not just bad for your back, they are actually dangerous if you were to happen to get in an accident because it doesn't allow the head restraint/rest to do its job of preventing your head from whipping backward in a crash.

Additionally, poor driving position/posture results in fatigue, greater susceptibility to distractions, and potentially accidents.

If you look at professional drivers, they sit in custom set-up cockpits to maximize their driving efficiency and safety. So it is equally important for us to set-up our cockpits so that we can have a comfortable and safe driving experience.

A big thanks to the staff at Kia of Des Moines for sharing this graphic with us so that we can help inform you on how to protect yourself in your car and maintian the adjustments you get when you come into the office.

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