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Activator Adjusting

Activator instrument adjusting is known for being gentle, this instrument adjusting doesn’t involve the twisting and popping that most associate with chiropractic care, and it is one of the most researched adjusting tools in the world with several clinical trials to support its efficacy.  


We’ll go through a series of tests during your visit that will tell us exactly which spot on your spine needs to be adjusted and what should be left alone. These tests help us provide you the most precise, effective adjustment possible.

All that you’ll feel is a little pressure on the area that needs to be adjusted and a rapid tap from the instrument that resets your bone into the proper position.


This technique is beneficial for those who

  • Have been to a chiropractor and know they can benefit from care, but are hesitant about the adjusting process.

  • Have never been to a chiropractor because they are nervous about being adjusted.

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