October 5, 2018

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Cervicogenic Headaches

August 2, 2017

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Pain: What is it and why it's not bad.

August 30, 2017

Pain is not the problem


Pain is serious, and relieving it is big business. Those who suffer from pain spend billions seeking its relief through OTC drugs, doctor visits, prescription drugs, and even surgery. In fact, pain is often what prompts people to visit chiropractors, but pain is rarely the problem.


Now, if your experiencing pain, you obviously want it to go away. And while you can expect our compassion, we’re interested in correcting the cause of your pain. But first, let’s look at what pain is for.


A limit is being reached.


One purpose of pain is to warn us of a limitation.


For example, if you bend your fingers backward, your body will alert you when you approach the limit to its range of motion. This warning protects us so we can avoid a more serious injury.


Life without pain may sound good, but pain is essential for our well being.



“May I have your attention please”


Pain is also a way the wisdom of your body communicates with its owner: you.


It can signal that something needs your attention. Headaches. Spasms. Tingling. These aches and pains all alert you that something is amiss and needs correction. First, your body will gently whisper to warn you. Unheeded, it speaks with greater urgency. If ignored it may escalate into full-fledged shouting!


When your body talks, it’s wise to pay attention.


“Maybe it will go away...”


Because we are self healing, problems can seem resolve on their own.


And that’s often true with stomach aches, a cold, and other conditions. But pain involving the bones, nerves, and muscles along the spinal column is different. One problem can lead to another. When joints of your spine malfunction, your body responds with muscle spasm to splint the spinal joint. Left uncorrected the reduced mobility will cause degeneration of the joints of the spine, further reducing mobility, producing nerve impingement and altered function along that nerve, not only in the muscles but the organs that nerve goes to.


Fooling your Body


Pain prompts many to take a pill to reduce it. But numbing your body with a pain reliever doesn’t make the problem go away. It’s still there, your body is just fooled by the drug so you can’t feel it. This often works for a while, but over time the dose may need to be increased to quiet your body’s outcry for attention to the problem. And while the increased dose may work for a while, possible addiction and other serious problems – stomach bleeding, liver and kidney damage, cognitive impairment – may arise from taking the drug long-term. So using a drug to fool your body’s warning system may be convenient, and at times necessary, it can also be dangerous.


Correcting the Cause


One strategy of pain relief is to address the underlying spinal problem with safe, gentle upper cervical Chiropractic adjustments. And, while many seek a chiropractor for neck and back pain,


pain is not the focus of the chiropractic adjustment. Instead, chiropractic seeks to restore the function of the nervous system by improving the movement of the spinal joints. This improved nervous system function allows your brain to coordinate the self-healing capacity of your body and your symptoms subside naturally.


Because the focus of chiropractic care is the integrity of your nervous system, many continue their care beyond pain relief to help them stay well. In fact, it was found that NBA teams who had their players adjusted on a regular basis reported fewer injuries and missed games than teams without a staff chiropractor.

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